What have you ‘Pinned’ lately?

I love Pinterest.com! Have you seen this site?  It is amazing! You have to be invited to join, but leave me a comment with your email address if you want an invite!) Once signed up you can ‘pin’ or save things all across the web to different boards you create on the site. Think of this as a filing system for the things you find on the internet.

I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a little overwhelming at first, but within an hour or  so of playing around it became easy to navigate.  One of the coolest features to the site is that you can link with all your friends from your email contact list and your Facebook friends.  Then once you have friends you are following you can see what things they are ‘pinning’.

You can search on the site and find items that have been pinned by other users. The key to success on this site is coming up with your boards. That way you can find the items you pinned easily.

I currently have:

  • Good Eating-all things food and yummy
  • Clever Ideas- These are mostly tips and tricks that are brilliant!
  • Kid Stuff -I am going divide this soon into Kid Crafts, Kid Recipes, maybe another one too!
  • Craft Room Ideas – I am in the process of reworking my craft area in our guess room
  • Dress Up Area Ideas- This is going to be part of the girls’ Christmas gift
  • Holiday Ideas- Crafts, recipes, homemade gifts
  • Peanut’s First Birthday- She is going to have an Owl themed party
  • Dream Home Ideas- A girl can dream can’t she?
  • More to come- You can just keep making them!!!

You can seriously pin ANYTHING! I have been enjoying all the recipes, craft ideas, and home organization tips! What are you waiting for get invited and get ‘pinning’!

**Disclaimer Mae’s Got This does not assume responsibility for lost hours in your day, lack of productivity at work, and any accidents that may occur in your home while pinning!**


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