Every Little Girl Needs a Dress Up Corner Right?

So upon great debate I have decided the girls ‘joint’ Christmas gift is going to be a well-defined, super cute dress up area in their playroom. We are blessed with an AWESOME playroom in this house! The basement was finished before we got here so I will not take ANY of the credit.

This is a picture of the basement before we moved in.

The Beach Playhouse

One half of the basement (to the right of this picture) is the family room area.  We have a TV, Components, and a sectional and that about sums it up!

If you were to envision behind the person taking this photo is a wall of ‘kid stuff’ .

We have one of these…

A play kitchen that Rand McNally built and I painted with my sister…

Mostly Ikea Play Kitchen

A play table with 2 chairs that is plastic (hoping to find a nice wood one or have Rand McNally Build one!), A beautiful rocking horse and cradle built by my Father-in-Law.

In one area we had a coat rack with all of the girls dress up clothing. I sewed little hooks so Munchkin can ‘hang up’ her clothing when we clean the room. I am going to be redefining this space.

I found a nifty shower rack hangar that can hold tiaras and jewelry. (I’ll post a picture once Target.com gets back up! ) There is a woman at the gym daycare that is an awesome artist. My plan is to commission her to paint a sign that says ‘Dress-up’ or something else similar. Rand McNally is going to hang up an old mirror we have so the girls can view themselves! I still need to come up with a shoe holder. However, I might actually sew one…Perhaps I am NUTS!

More photos to come once I get things going! I am excited that I came up with something both girls will enjoy!

Later I plan to blog about my adventures with Amish Friendship Bread!


2 thoughts on “Every Little Girl Needs a Dress Up Corner Right?

    • maesgotthis says:

      I saw this house online before we even started the ‘house hunt’ and said this is the one! Thankfully, the rest of the house is just as nice! 🙂 The beach house is even 2 stories!!!

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