Halloween Candy for a Great Cause

I just looked at the calendar today and realized Halloween is right around the corner! I knew it was close, and I used to be able to tell how near a holiday was by the items in stores. However, since Halloween stuff has been out for a couple of months I totally just glance over that section in stores now.

I want to give you an option for all that extra candy. We plan on taking Munchkin and Peanut trick-or-treating. It is fun to see the kids all dressed up and since we go with friends it makes for a great night. Last year I think we only took Munchkin to about 20 houses one block in our neighborhood. I couldn’t believe all the candy she received! We allowed her to pick 10 pieces and the rest we sent to daddy’s work (ok after Rand McNally and I took about 5 of our favorites!). This year we are going to do something different.

For those of you who don’t know Rand McNally is in the Army Reserves. After spending about 5 years active duty he made the switch. During his 5 years he spent 15 months deployed to Iraq. So when I stumbled upon this program it instantly became something I wanted to do with the girls extra candy.

This year instead of sending the extra candy to work with Daddy we are going to take part in The Halloween Candy Buy Back program! It is a brilliant program that saves kids from excessive candy that can harm their teeth, parents from excessive calories, and give men and women in harm’s way something special!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Take your kiddos trick-or-treating… get lots of candy!
  2. Locate a participating dentist near you who will “buy” back kids’ Halloween candy (search is in the top right corner)
  3. Some of the things the Dentist might use to “Buy”ย  the candy include cash, coupons, toothbrushes, lots more!
  4. Then the Dentist will send theย  candy to Operation Gratitude or other Military support groups
  5. Finally, the candy will be sent to Operation Gratitude to U.S. Military deployed in harm’s way
What an awesome program right? It is important for children to learn about giving back to their community. This is a great opportunity for that! Plus, let’s be honest nobody needs hundreds of pieces of candy! Please consider this program this year. I look forward to hearing about your experience and plan to share about what Munchkin and Peanut get from our local dentist after Halloween. Be safe… and get LOTS of Candy!

7 thoughts on “Halloween Candy for a Great Cause

    • maesgotthis says:

      I will be sure and spread the word! I am having a Halloween party with some friends and we will make some pictures to send. In fact, Munchkin’s name came from a drawing that my husband saw in Iraq. Thanks so much for all you do for the Military!!

  1. Stephanie Chambers says:

    Do you know if you have to be a patient at the dentist office in order for him to buy your candy? I searched and there is only one dentist within 15 miles of us. Thanks for the info. Great program!

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