It’s beginning to look a lot like… Cold and Flu Season!

Yup… it is in full force. Flu shot signs and stands are popping up everywhere. We are just getting out of the height of allergy season, only to have it replaced by colds and flu. YUCK!

And you know what comes with allergies, colds, and the flu… BOOGERS! Yup, I know you are thinking, really Mae you are writing a post on boogers? Why, the answer is… YES I am! Not so much the boogers themselves, but how to get rid of them.

Kids younger than 4 should not be given over the counter cold medications (unless directed  by your physician). So that leaves you with LOTS of boogers. I honestly think the day that Muchkin learned to blow her nose was right up there with the happiness that was felt when she potty trained. No more battles with the evil ‘booger sucker’. The pinning down of a toddler gets MUCH harder as they get bigger.

Do you remember this guy?

Ahh the blue nasal aspirator… still used by hospitals everywhere! We have a couple of these in the house. We definitely have one from both girls… maybe even a third one that came in a baby ‘necessities’ kit. Well move over blue nasal aspirator… you have been replaced! Behold the Nosefrida!

This odd looking contraption sucks boogers from so deep inside the nasal cavity.. You might be fearful that you will find brain matter on your tissue!

Here’s how it works:

I usually spray each nostril with saline mist spray first. This is my favorite:

The red mouth piece is placed in the adults mouth. Put the tip of the blue part (it looks like a pen in my opinion) into the kiddos nose and you suck. Yes.. you suck! I know you are currently thinking,  Mae, you are crazy!!! (I am but that is for later posts!) There is a filter inside the pen shaped piece that will not allow and boogers or germs to get through.Once you are done it easily pops apart for cleaning.

I am not sure if Peanut is just crazy, but she loves this! I think she is happy she can breathe better, and thinks I look like super silly doing it. Needless to say, it WORKS! Not only does it work, it works better than anything I have tried (even you blue nasal aspirator).

I got mine at a local Whole Foods Grocery store, but they are sold in many places, even at doctors offices!

I promise you won’t be disappointed in this product! I will be sharing a few of my other favorite products along this blogging journey!

Here is the website to the NoseFrida one more time! Happy Booger Sucking!!!


7 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like… Cold and Flu Season!

  1. Erin says:

    How fun! I have a battery operated nasal aspirator that I love, but this looks even better. Why do I think that? because it has NO sound! I think the sound is what scares mine with the battery one–but it does work SO wonderfully! Might have to get one. 🙂

  2. Gina K says:

    So, went to Brentwood to get my NoseFrida (and 40 bucks worth of delicious over priced cheese!! Darn you whole foods!). Connor complied with immediately getting sick so I could test it out, thanks a lot, buddy. LOVE IT. David loves it way more than I do, he keeps volunteering to suck out the boogs and since Connor now gave me his cold, Dave is chasing me around the house trying to get me to let him try it on me! He’s kind of a creep, but he is cracking himself up! 15 bucks well spent! Another great tip! Completely unrelated note, found out #2 is going to be a girl! Super excited.

    • maesgotthis says:

      This whole comment amused me. I do hope you all feel better! I am excited you are going to have a little girl! How neat! 🙂 I am glad the NoseFrida works for you guys too!

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