Setting up a Meal Plan

I had great intentions of finishing a couple different posts but it just didn’t happen! Peanut had a well baby check (she is super healthy but as her name suggests a Peanut), Munchkin had school, I did a bunch of things around the house and before I knew it,  I was making dinner and doing bath with the girls.

This leads me to this evening’s post… on Meal Plans. A meal plan keeps me together.  Sounds crazy but by the time 3-4pm rolls around the last thing that I want to pull out of my sleepy brain is what should I make for dinner?!? I sat down tonight to make my grocery list and thought why not share my meal plan for the first two weeks of November with my readers.

I will link recipes I have already posted and will add new ones as we try them next month!

Note: ** denotes review/recipe coming soon!! and * denotes recipe coming (I  have already made it one time!)

So here is my plan, which of course is subject to changes as needed.


  • Tuesday 1st- Crockpot Italian Chicken and Rice **
  • Wednesday 2nd- Beef Stroganoff  *
  • Thursday 3rd- Crockpot Fiesta Chicken  **
  • Friday 4th- Leftovers
  • Saturday 5th- Dinner out
  • Sunday 6th-  Lowfat Alfredo and Garlic Bread**
  • Monday 7th- Stephanie’s Goulash
  • Tuesday 8th-Sour Cream Enchiladas**
  • Wednesday 9th- Leftovers
  • Thursday 10th- Homemade Pizza
  • Friday 11th- Honey Garlic Crockpot Chicken with Rice  and Veggie
  • Saturday 12th- Breakfast for Dinner
  • Sunday 13th- Girls Night Out (Daddy is Out of Town!)
  • Monday 14th-BBQ Ribs and Mashed Potatoes
Well there you have it… my meal plan for the first two weeks.  All of these are kid friendly meals, with fresh ingredients , and limited processed foods. Once I go shopping I plan on doing an entire post about my favorite store, Aldis! I used to have some opinions on the store and then I did my own research. We do about 80% of our shopping there.
 Alright, time to sign off… Have I motivated you to plan out your menu? I guarantee you will thank me… Your shopping trips will be limited to the store which will mean less $$ spent! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Setting up a Meal Plan

  1. Martha says:

    Another option to add to the meal planning…dinner co-op! 3 families that are relatively close in proximity works best. Monday night person 1 cooks dinner for all 3 families, Tuesday night person 2 cooks dinner for all 3 families, Thursday night person 3 cooks dinner for all 3 families (or whatever schedule works best for your co-op). There are usually leftovers, so that will cover one or two other nights of the week. We plan out 2-3 months at a time with a calendar. It’s like the meal train after you have a baby…but without having a baby 🙂 We make a main course and 1 side. It’s the bomb!

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