In Lieu of Gifts…

With Peanut’s birthday around the corner (less than 3 months EEK!) I have already started planning. I love to  plan parties… I have several I am working on at the moment!

There is one thing we do for EVERY birthday party for our children. We choose something to do … in Lieu of Gifts! Everyone has read your ‘presence is the best present’ on invitations, well that isn’t enough. We tried this for Munchkin’s first party and found out that people were still super kind and brought her gifts.

So instead we each year since we have picked a place to donate or an item to bring for something else. I decided to come up with a list of options in case you are searching for something to do … in lieu of gifts!

Now I know  people might think, gifts are a part of birthday’s and what is Mae doing? Well I want the girls to grow up understanding that there are people who want and need for things in the world. I want them to understand about giving to their community. 
For Munchkin’s 2nd birthday we asked for donations to the Zoo near our house. We are members and frequent the zoo often. She walked around for a good year saying the Giraffe was hers because her Aunt bought food for it for her birthday. Last year we donated bones and food to the local animal shelter.  I can’t explain how big her smile was when we brought them her birthday loot!  At her young age she gets it!
There are a bunch of options, I am sure there are tons more. These are just a few of the ones we have done in the past with Munchkin and some I have learned about from friends.  Feel free to leave suggestions of other places  in the comments below! 

2 thoughts on “In Lieu of Gifts…

  1. Nikki Wason says:

    I love this idea. We did this for my birthday one year (I believe I was 12) and I asked everyone to bring food for the local food bank instead of a gift. Like you said, people were generous and still brought food to donate and a gift.

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