Just a reminder…. It’s time to Change your Clocks on Sunday!

When I was in college or high school I used to LOVE the Fall time change. It basically meant you got an hour more to sleep on a weekend. Who wouldn’t love that!

Then I became a parent… and got on the band wagon of UGH! It’s time to fall back ALREADY. It takes almost a month for someone’s body clock to get ‘reset’ from a change. This is why when we visit family on the East Coast we don’t change bedtimes from our Central Zone. It isn’t worth it!

We have a strict 7am policy in our house. This policy, though unwritten states you must stay in your room until 7am unless you are ill or need to use the potty (then you must go back to bed immediately).  How  may you ask do we have a 3 year old who knows the time? Behold the alarm clock (she has now earned her books back on her shelves after learning NOT to pull everyone off during rest/nap time : ) ).

We first started by when this (number 7 on the clock) looks like this (number 7 on the paper) you may call for us. Now she knows that the 7 has to be the first number.

Which leads me to how I have been getting her ready for the time change. I started last night. I changed her clock, while my husband was giving her a bath. Not a whole hour…  but just 15 mins.  This morning as expected she was at her door at exactly 7:16 (usually takes her a minute to get there!). I have already changed her clock for tonight.

I will be interested to see how it works tomorrow AM. However, she is pretty good about keeping to the 7AM rule.

If Mommy doesn’t sleep, Mommy isn’t happy.  The saying goes… if Mommy and Happy and NOBODY happy!

Just another reminder…. When you change your clock replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.


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