Mommy Doesn’t get Sick Days!

Well as you can see I have been pretty quiet this week.  It has been a  rough one! I got sick!

Ugh! See here is the thing about getting sick as a Mommy. You can’t call in! Despite my best efforts of trying to explain to a 3 year old “Mommy, doesn’t feel well, ” She doesn’t get it!

Munchkin does a great job entertaining herself but she is 3. Peanut still needs to be nursed several times a day and her self-entertainment skills mostly pertain to getting into her sisters stuff (cue 3 year old She’s touching my ‘x”)

So my plans today besides cleaning, disinfecting, and laundry are to catch you up on a couple yummy recipes, the details of Rand McNally’s 30th Surprise party (I totally got him!!!).

In the mean time go enter the giveaway!!!


One thought on “Mommy Doesn’t get Sick Days!

  1. Rosemary Lance says:

    So sorry. Try not to overdo until you are really well. Probably a silly comment;is diff for mom’s to slow down!

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