Say What… You Use Cloth Diapers?!?!

That’s right… You read that correctly! We do use cloth diapers.  We have been using cloth diapers since Munchkin was born over 3 years ago! You might be intimidated by cloth diapers. But they are not at all like they used to be! I don’t use pins or even fold (though they are both still options).

I have about a 6 or so ‘cloth diaper converts’ and this is  the information I have provided them as the crucial must- know before you start. Cloth Diapers are more of an initial investment but they quickly they pay for themselves.  Also, they can be resold. Yes, I said resold! You can’t resell a disposable diaper now can you?

Cloth diapers save you quite a bit of money in the long run. Here is a great resource to compare. This is pretty accurate info about the cost. As I mentioned you can resell the diapers when you  done using them. There are online resources for selling them, as well as consignment sales!

Now realize just as one brand of disposables doesn’t work for ever baby nor does every brand of cloth work for all.


We used these for Munchkin and Peanut.  We had about 20 and this works well during the newborn phase. We washed about every 2 days and found this to be good!

Kissaluvs Size 0

Kissaluvs need a diaper cover. We used Thirsties brand the same for both girls and couldn’t have been more pleased! You need about 6 of them. Every diaper change doesn’t require a cover change. Since the cover doesn’t touch the baby it can be wet and wiped out. We only changed for poop and once a day at bath time.  They have super cute colors!!

Thirstie's Diaper Covers

We have used 3 different types of diapers for the girls once they hit about 11lbs.  All of them are the pocket style diaper. Basically, you ‘stuff’ the insert inside the pocket and that is it! They are also ‘onesize’. This means from about 7lbs to 35lbs  your little  one will fit. We have found that our little ones leaked until they were closer to 10lbs. I also have found that I prefer snap closures to aplix (velcro).
We have and love all of the following:
Bumgenius 3.0 Snaps (They are now on 4.0)

Bumgenius 4.0

FuzziBunz One Sized

Go Green Pocket Diapers Champs 2.0

Another type of diaper we have is called  GroVia- You can use  the cloth liners or disposables they sell which are great for travel! These are called Hybrid diapers.

Grovia AIO Hybrid

It is very important to know that when you decide to cloth diaper you need to make the switch to cloth diaper friendly detergent. You should no longer use softeners (for any laundry) or dryer sheets. They both cause a build up on diapers causing stink issues and leaks!

Here is a great site to look at the rankings of detergents. We use Country Save and have no complaints!

Our Cloth Diaper Friendly Detergent

OK so here is the part everyone wonders about… POOP!  If you are breastfeeding exclusively than you can just wash them. Breastmilk poop is water soluble. Formula and solid food poop is not. You need to make sure you get the majority of it off the diapers before washing them. You can use liners, flick it in the toilet, scrape, dunk, or use a sprayer. Or even a combination of the above!

We also use cloth wipes. It makes it much easier once they are used I throw them into the pail with the diapers. Any of the wipes work well… or if you want to be really thrifty you can buy flannel cut into squares and fold! We have an assortment of wipes that we got w/packages of diapers we bought.

For wetbags (Where you store the diaper when you are out) I recommend one w/a zipper!

Planetwise Wetbags

At home we have a liner like this in a regular plastic flip top (where you use the foot to pop it open) garbage can I got at target!

Planetwise Diaper Pail Liner

A big pointer I can say is switch all your detergent to the cloth diaper detergent… other detergents can leave a residue in your washer… NEVER use dryer sheets or softeners… they cause the diapers to stop being absorbent.
If there is a  local store that sells diapers go and check some out! They aren’t as  scary as you think! Feel free to drop me a line about any questions you might have!

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