Gobble Gobble…. Turkey Cookies!

Munchkin is in preschool 3 days a week. Tomorrow they are having a Thanksgiving Party! I am sure it will be adorable seeing them all singing their turkey songs. I signed up to bring cookies.

I asked munchkin what kind of cookies did she want me to bring. First she said, “Pumpkins.” Then she changed her mind (isn’t that what 3-year-olds always do?!?) and said “TURKEYS!!”

So I ran to Pinterest.. and search ‘turkey cookies’ there were a couple of consistent pins. So we settled on this one.

Oreo Turkeys!








Now I am not going to lie… these were SUPER labor intensive! Mostly, lots of steps.

What you need per Turkey:

  1.  Candy Corn 5-7  (back feathers)
  2. 2 Double Stuffed Oreo Cookies (body)
  3. 1 Whopper (head)
  4. 1 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup (side cut off)
  5. 1 Tube of blue piping gel (eyes)
  6. 1 tube of white icing (glue)
  7. 1 tube/can chocolate icing
  8. red cookie icing
  9. 1 sharp knife

This step should make your life easier:

Put your Peanut Butter Cups in the fridge to get hard. If you have cold hard chocolate to work with it makes it a lot easier. OK, so the original recipe I followed did not have this suggestion. I wish it had!!!

Assembling the Bird:

First is the tail using 1 Oreo cookie and 5-6 Candy Corn.  Now here is the fun part. Twist to remove the non-icing side. Put a nice blog of icing (white preferably) in the middle. Arrange 5-6 candy corn around one of the edges of the cookie half with the double stuffed icing. Put another small blog of icing on the half of the cookie w/out the icing. Make sure you leave the yellow/orange piece sticking out.  Oh, and should an Oreo break during the twisting action it is important that you taste test to check for any potential quality issues. 🙂

Take your chocolate (or white)  icing and squeeze a good-sized blog onto the top back edge of what will be the bottom Oreo cookie. Take the tail feather Oreo and put the bottom into the icing to have it stand up. If it doesn’t stand, add more icing or prop against a back splash! Once you have it stand put it up against something so it doesn’t fall until the icing is dry.

Remove your Peanut Butter Cups from the fridge. Place with the top of cup face down on your cutting surface. Take your knife and cut off the very bottom so you have a flat surface. Put icing on the cut side and along what would have been the top of the PB cup. Place  it against the bottom and back of your Oreo cookies.  You should be eating the cut edges so you don’t waste any. (Just saying!)

Next, take a Whopper and put a little blog of icing on it on one side. Place the whopper on top of the PB Cup to make the head.

To make the nose take a piece of candy corn and cut off the white part. Eat or discard the rest (who would discard it!) Now, if you are lucky you will have a bunch of white tips floating around your bag like I did!!

Take your icing and place two white dots as eyes.  I put a spoonful in a ziplock baggie and cut a tiny bit off to get a small dot.  Get your tube of blue piping gel and place a black dot on each eye.

I used red cookie icing to add a goobler. (Just so you are really informed it is called a Wattle and only on male turkeys – Thanks GOOGLE!)

If you want you can add feet by making some orange icing and piping it on. Or not… they are pretty cute without.

That is it… not too hard but mostly like I said a million steps. Tomorrow at her Thanksgiving party, I am going to watch 15 3-year-olds decapitate and dismember the turkeys I slaved over tonight! 🙂 It will be worth it!!!!


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