Wednesday Wonderings: You asked … I answered!

I have decided to start answering some questions I get from friends and readers in one place… Wednesday Wonderings.

Do you have any breakfast recipes?

I wont lie we LOVE breakfast in this house! During the week we mostly do some of the following, Yogurt Parfaits with Homemade Granola (with ANY type of fruit),  Pancakes, French Toast,  scrambled eggs with or without cheese, oatmeal (we use instant oats and mix with some cinnamon/brown sugar or your favorite jam or jelly.),  we also do cereal usually generic cheerios with either 1 % milk or yogurt (we did this when Munchkin was little it was less messy!).

Now as for real recipes I don’t usually make too much Mon-Fri that isn’t easy to go to. I make all my pancakes and french toast in bulk on the weekends. I freeze them in gallon ziplocks and pull out what the girls need each day. It is cheaper and I know exactly what is in them! (By the way my secret ingredient in both is a dash of Vanilla!!!)

Here are some recipes I have recently ‘pinned’ on Pinterest that I can’t wait to try!

Apple Pie Oatmeal (This blog has a couple that look YUMMY!)

Better than Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls

Now here is my latest breakfast tip, something I learned on Pinterest. I tried it this past weekend and let me tell you I am NEVER making bacon on the stove again!

Bake your bacon on a pan in the oven! Line a pan with parchment paper (I put foil under that.) lay the bacon down in rows. Bake @400 Degrees for about 18-20 minutes. Imagine the bacon-y yummy goodness without the yucky cleanup and little arm burns!!!

What do you do with your hair clips to keep them organized?

Ahh hair clips… We have too many but not enough at the very same time! I promise to post a photo of our bow holder tomorrow. My sweet sister made one in the shape of an Octopus since the girls bathroom is Penguin/sea theme.

There are several that I seen that I just love!

There are so many variations on this. But I think it is SIMPLE, cute and functional.

I did just purchase a little holder to keep all of the hair paraphernalia.  Since my girls are blessed with ‘not so much hair’ it has taken me about 3 years to figure out what to do. However, for Christmas Munchkin is getting a little bin to hold her water spray, detangler, kid hair mousse, and her bitty hair ties!

So I hope I answered some of your questions! 🙂 Leave me more in the comments  below or shoot me a facebook message or email!


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wonderings: You asked … I answered!

  1. Stephanie Chambers says:

    We use a piece of scrap ribbon tied onto a baby link. The bows are clipped to the ribbon and hair bands a “strung” onto the link. It fits nicely around a door handle and is ready for traveling. P.S. I always cook bacon in the microwave on one of those grooved trays. Works good. Matt loves him some bacon. haha

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