Three is such a … ‘Magical’ Age

Ahh.. where to begin…. this is going to be a very random post of all the things I have learned about so far in the past 5 months or so since Munchkin has turned 3.  I will come out and say both girls are in bed and I am sipping on a well deserved glass of Moscato as I compose this.

First, I will start by saying Munchkin really is a great kid, and I know this is a phase (it is right?!?!). I constantly repeat (sometimes in my head and other times out loud) it will be better to fight her on  this at 3 than at 7 (there will be different battles at 7).

I was watching Parenthood a few weeks ago and I swear the scene could have been from my house! Parenthood is this amazing show on NBC about a great family (all the adult brothers and sisters and their kids). One of the girls was throwing a fit in her room and the mother was sitting outside the door with a bottle of wine. All I could think of was “why haven’t I done this!?!” I would probably be less angry about the whole ordeal!

Anyway, I have learned a few things here are a couple. I am sure I will do another post of things in the future. So here are three ideas I have had recently with Munchkin.

1. It is amazing that any 3 year old hasn’t been poisoned by dinner. Honestly, everything is inedible. From plain pancakes, to pasta with ‘spicy’ spaghetti sauce, or maybe there might be things that touch on the same PLATE! I am not from the school of thought that you have to clean your plate but you do have to make a sincere attempt at eating. I never make things that I know Munchkin won’t eat  (OK I do see “Buffalo Chicken” but I always make her an option on those nights that she has liked at one point in her life!). I am now reserving dinner for breakfast. Amazingly enough she is eating it!

Dinner conversation tonight.

Munchkin: I don’t think I want to eat this roast. I am SOOO full.

Me: That is fine you can have it for breakfast when you will be REALLY hungry since you skipped dinner.

Munchkin: That is fine.

Me: Okay!

No tears… no fighting. Her roast, potatoes, and carrots are currently in the fridge awaiting their return for breakfast! She told me she couldn’t eat it because there wasn’t Parmesan cheese on it.  Sigh…

2. Why is it that the child will cry out and say “I want my Mommy/Daddy!” As soon as  that parent leaves from putting them in time out.  🙂

3. Munchkin is going to be a lawyer. I am ok with this… because she is going to be a GOOD lawyer. Her skills at finding the loophole, reading the fine print- with only knowing her letters and sounds (she is that GOOD people), and coming up with a diversion tactic are AMAZING! She is so good that often times I have to remember that I asked was please put away your baby doll and her blankets.

Me: Munchkin, please put away your Danielle baby and her blankets so we can head out.

Munchkin: Okay Mom, but first I need to finish feeding Danielle (proceeds to sit and nurse her)

Me: Munchkin, great job she is so full, let’s put her away so we can get our shoes on. 

Munchkin: I will Mom, but I need to get her to sleep, she is SOOO fussy.

Me: Munchkin… we need to go… 

This is a normal conversation with her…

I love her dearly, her imagination and intelligence are phenomenal. I know that in 3  years I will be dealing with the same stuff from Peanut. I just pray that some how this ‘Magical’ Age really turns off at 4.

Off to go drink my neglected glass of wine!

By the way, I will post the Roast that almost poisoned my daughter (but the other 3 of us LOVED) Tomorrow!


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