Becoming a Mother… Part Two

Let me start this out by saying in almost exactly 12 hours (at the time written) I will have a toddler, a one year old, no ‘babies’ in my house.  Weird. Everyone with more than one child in their house will tell you, it goes faster the second time. They aren’t lying!

So here is comes… the Birth Story! Again it might be ‘graphic’ to some readers, so here is your warning!!!

Peanut’s Birth Story

It started a couple days before New Years Eve. I was having crazy strong contractions.  These were not Braxton Hicks and I knew it. They never stayed for long enough but got pretty close at times (7 mins or so). I wasn’t due until Feb 4th so this made me pretty nervous! Another concern was that our hospital was about 45 mins or so away (much longer with traffic).  These contractions continued just about every day until I delivered Peanut.

Each week I was checked from 36 weeks on. The OB was pretty sure she would come early… but there was NO guarantee! When I was checked I was progressing about a centimeter a week.  I knew it meant nothing.  I was a big fat ZERO when I was checked 4 days before I had a beautiful baby girl named Munchkin.

I took Munchkin to a story time that Monday and we had a pretty typical day. That night I was SUPER bummed because I wasn’t having the time-able contractions like I had for WEEKS! Rand McNally was working swing shift so he wasn’t home.  I decided to head to bed at about 10pm. I tossed and turned. Rand McNally came home around 1AM. I had just taken a Tylenol PM hoping that would make me sleep! Then I realized I couldn’t sleep because I kept having to get up to pee. It dawned on me… maybe those were contractions… I told Rand I was going to the basement to time them. I figured I would let him get some sleep in case it was the real deal.

I used this website called the Contraction Master. It is pretty cool and easy to use. If you have ever been in labor… clocks, watches, and telling time are practically impossible when you trying to continue to provide oxygen to your baby. I lasted about 15 mins before I realized they were LEGIT! I went upstairs and woke up a sleeping Rand and said..”Guess what buddy I am pretty sure this is IT! ”

Things weren’t as easy as just heading to the hospital… because we had Munchkin! I had about 400 plans depending on where/when I started labor. My dad was going to come down but he had a 2 hour drive. In the meantime one of me best friends here had offered to come over and stay with Munchkin. I hopped in the shower  and realized they were getting closer and closer, not to mention REALLY painful! Just after 3 Rand called my Friend Miss B. and she was awesome… gathered her things and was there about 4ish!  When she came in I was packing Munchkin’s school stuff and making her lunch! I wanted to make sure she knew I loved her even if I couldn’t wake her and hug her.

We arrived at about 5am (after what seemed like the LONGEST ride of my life) and made our way up to labor and delivery. There was another woman (NOT having a baby) and I swear it took forever to get signed in! In triage, I was checked and was a good 5-6cm. There was a monitor in the room scrolling pictures of food… all I wanted were the pancakes for breakfast ( I mentioned this SEVERAL times in labor 🙂 ).  She asked me if I was interested in medication and I told her I was not. This was the ONLY time anyone asked me.  I let them place a heplock and that was it!

I labored in my tank top and it rocked! I spent most of my time on the labor ball and about 45 mins in the shower. I had reserved a labor tub but never asked for it.  My placenta was on my stomach this time (anterior) and because of this Baby 2.0 was sunny side up. Obviously, at this point this wasn’t confirmed however the back labor was enough confirmation for me! I made Rand use counter pressure and that was one of the things that made it bearable.   I also got on all fours as the nurse suggested and and that helped too!

It was about 630ish when I was checked at about an 8 or so… needless to say… things got  busier in my room. People set up things for baby to be but  it was still dim and quiet. It was pretty sweet. My doctor wasn’t on call but had been called in, she was on her way. Next thing I know I knew it was time.  The partner in my practice was there to catch the baby and it was FINE by me! My water had never broken so as I began pushing the OB sliced it. It went EVERYWHERE… on the right side, all over the NURSE. Rand was glad he chose the left!

5 contractions later…. out came a Beautiful crying baby girl! Nathan and I saw she was girl as she rested on my chest. It was amazing the amount of skin to skin time they let us have! Peanut came into this world screaming like her sister.  She was 7lbs and 20 1/2 inches.

I tore again but not nearly as bad as the first time. I was also repaired much better!!! She was an 8/9 on the apgars but I guess the nurse said it is the best they typically give! My OB never made it because she was stuck in traffic and I had Peanut really fast!

So no epidural, no medications (just some pitocin after to control some clotting I was having). The experience was different than Munchkin’s but the end result was still an amazing healthy baby girl! I had great nurses, and really enjoyed time at the hospital they were helpful!

Watching Munchkin meet Peanut for the first time was pretty amazing! Words really can’t describe it She was so excited and couldn’t get over how ‘bitty her hands and feet were”. She also thought her belly button was GROSS and broken.  🙂

Breastfeeding went much easier this time. Peanut was a little jaundiced so we spent several days getting her levels tested. I was pumping to try and increase my supply (which came in on day 2!) She took a bottle to try and drop her bili levels.

Tonight I am going to sleep knowing I am waking up to my toddler. She can walk, climb, talk (I wish I could remember all the words!), sign, and give a hug/kiss like no other 11 month old. We  are blessed…. and in love with her. I am probably going to cry… okay I am crying.

Being a Mother is hard… But that hug, that glance, that time they look at you and say Momma… it is priceless.


Oh… I wanted to add… I got my pancakes!! They were amazing… but I think ANYTHING would have tasted awesome at that point! 🙂

Happy First Birthday Peanut!




5 thoughts on “Becoming a Mother… Part Two

  1. Aunt Mary says:

    I LOVED reading about the girl’s births! Thank you so much for sharing the stories, but most of all for sharing these amazing little girls with us! We love you all!

  2. 93tales says:

    It’s amazing the perspective that you have the second time, isn’t it?! I agree, the first year with child #2 is flying by. What a wonderful birth story & it’s such a treasure to have it written out. ~Rachel Morehouse

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